XMPP is actually-free.  this is not some malware application to install.  This is a protocol for text communication on mobile, notebook, computer, web.  There are dozens of applications from which to choose on EVERY mobile flavor, EVERY kind of computer, and even secure websites (like jappix)

XMPP OTR is painless encryption for conversation.  No need to be a geek or know a geek.  Be sure your app or client program has this feature.  free also

XMPP mpOTR will allow group discussion SECURELY.   No more facebook datamining your life.  No more google.

No more subpoena abuse of privacy.

“But I’m not doing anything wrong”

You sure as hell are if you allow third party advertisers to turn your privacy into a commodity

“I have nothing to hide”

Bullshit.  Your life is not an open book to be poured out on the interweb or savaged by privacy pirates (ad servers)