stop paying to converse in text. cancel sms: halve mobile bill. XMPP is actually-free


XMPP is actually-free.  this is not some malware application to install.  This is a protocol for text communication on mobile, notebook, computer, web.  There are dozens of applications from which to choose on EVERY mobile flavor, EVERY kind of computer, and even secure websites (like jappix)

XMPP OTR is painless encryption for conversation.  No need to be a geek or know a geek.  Be sure your app or client program has this feature.  free also

XMPP mpOTR will allow group discussion SECURELY.   No more facebook datamining your life.  No more google.

No more subpoena abuse of privacy.

“But I’m not doing anything wrong”

You sure as hell are if you allow third party advertisers to turn your privacy into a commodity

“I have nothing to hide”

Bullshit.  Your life is not an open book to be poured out on the interweb or savaged by privacy pirates (ad servers)

gender nonsense


One is either male or female. There is no middle. The rest is literally externalities.

How one appears is not defining. Wear what you like. Self mutilate as you like.

As one is NOT one’s own cause one cannot change one’s self essentially.

comment archival re gigaom. “social” networking is antisocial voyeurism


XMPP is for actually conversation. XMPP OTR is for painless non-geek encryption of conversation. XMPP is not an app it is a protocol. Like cylons there are many models. iphone, android, blackberry, winmobile, etc… there are each several XMPP apps from which to choose (though only choose one supporting OTR)

XMPP mpOTR provides this same privacy pro-communication (in text) to groups of people. No need to whittle away privacy feeding google, twitter, facebook, et al, to “keep up with friends”.

Don’t stalk your friends’ lives. Talk with friends. XMPP for real time. Email for asynchronous timing. Phone calls, SIP or otherwise, are no substitution for face-to-face friend activities. Married? Bring friends families together to make new friends and teach actual-social-skills to youth and youth-plus alike.

The future of any american manufacturing hinges on corporate ability to loose itself from the fascism of unionism. There are PLENTY of legal protections for employees. Unions are dues vampires not interested in best interests for employer or employed. Enjoy BEING in a union without gainful employment. Minimum wage folly poses a similar problem.

Everyone is equally human.

We are not equally skilled, not equally intelligent, not equally capable… and certainly not equally motivated. Capitalism rewards the DILIGENT WORKer. Yes, affluence has a portion of luck. Not everyone is equally fortunate or equally blessed.

Stop conflating the right to PURSUE happiness with the right to be happy. Reflect on the original wording “life, liberty, and PROPERTY OWNERSHIP”.

Property tax is antithetical to the original framing intent. With property tax we essentially lease property from the government.

Oh, don’t agree? What happens when one stops paying property tax? (assume one has no labor-income).

Calories are a silly way to quantify exercise, or work. Various biological expenditures are FAR more complex.

hollywood bias…. there is too much progressivism and green fascism.

Hollywood TRITE oversimplification is offensive.

Equilibrium was far more entertaining before focus groups added back emotive context saturation. Matrix did not need a duracel ad.

Aiming at the common denominator, targeting those to the left of the bell curve is tiresome to the apex consumer and VEXATIOUS to the right of curve population.